A Mermaid in Wonderland

With graduation over, the final thing that there was to look forward to was the Graduate Ball!


After spending weeks deciding whether we were going to go to the ball – as is always the case with group plans – my friends and I finally got organised. We bought our tickets about two weeks before the day – which didn’t leave me with very much time to find a dress!



The Ball was to be Alice in Wonderland themed, which had me all the more excited! For those of you who know me, it’s one of my absolutely favourite novels. I wrote a chapter of my disso on Through the Looking Glass and it felt so apt that the Ball that was inspired by something that was such an integral part of my degree. After spending a solid week trying to find a dress that would fit the theme, I scrapped the idea after I remembered a dress I’d picked up from Quiz a few months ago. I absolutely loved the fishtail shape and the sequins, and I already had a pair of matching shoes! While it didn’t entirely convey the childlike whimsy that Alice in Wonderland evokes, if anyone asks, I was channeling Time from the recent Tim Burton film.


I halal-ified the dress (made it more modest) by picking up some grey leggings to layer under it; Southall is perfect for finding leggings in pretty much any colour you need. I also wore a long-sleeved grey t-shirt under the dress to cover my arms. The dress was super blingy so I kept my accessories simple, with a stone bracelet, a velvet choker and a pair of studs.

My inner literary nerd was super happy at seeing all of the characters and themed decor – particularly the Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat! I couldn’t get a lot of good quality photos inside the venue, because the lighting wasn’t ideal, but here are some of the ones that didn’t turn out too badly.




Tip: If you’re looking for the perfect dress for your Grad Ball, make sure you pick something that’s very you. The Ball will  be the last defining event that you’ll associate with uni, and it may well be the last time you see a lot of the people that were in your year. It’s your last chance to show people who you are or what you want to be remembered as, so make the most of it!


Fatima xx

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Best Friends’ Graduation

Most of my best friends graduated together a few days after I did, and with zero intention of missing out on the day (the FOMO is real), I turned up too. Jokes aside, after having shared years of deadline induced stress, God knows how many chicken burgers, and a tonne of good memories, it was such a proud moment seeing everyone in their graduation gowns :’).


While I went for a light and bright dress for my own graduation, I wanted to change things up for my friends’ graduation. I wore this dark, berry and black jumpsuit, and opted for beaded accessories to compliment the detailing on my outfit. These heels were a MISSION to walk in, but I absolutely loved them – the things we’ll do for fashion eh?



Despite being a load of fun – and much less stressful than my own graduation day – it ended up being a super busy day! After having lunch with my friends, I headed home to change and then went straight to my cousin’s fiance’s mehendi – on the other side of London.

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Fatima xx




My graduation day was pretty hectic to say the least. I was up at 6:30 and ready to be out the house by 8:30 – but my family? Not so much. Long story short, we got to my ceremony just in the nick of time and it was smooth sailing from there – thank god!





The search for a dress was a MISSION. As the outfit that was to end such an important chapter of my life, I wanted something that was very me – it had to be colourful, and it had to be quite modest. It needed to have sleeves, be at least mid length, and have a high neck – which is surprisingly difficult to find! After weeks of scouring the shops, my mum decided to make one for me.

With only a week left before my graduation, we headed to Walthamstow and found this really pretty floral fabric. After two days of solid work, my dress was complete – and it was exactly what I wanted!



Piecing together the rest of my outfit was pretty straightforward. I opted for my trusty nude heels (to keep the trip-ups to a minimum), a plaited pink necklace, my watch, and an anklet. For my face, I kept everything pink-toned and glowy.




It was such a lovely day!

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Fatima xx

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Beach huts and Bangles







IMAG0125 IMAG0074

IMAG0070 IMAG0065The past few weeks have been crazy busy; with weddings, work and uni starting I really haven’t had the time to post!

Despite Autumn having arrived, it’s not too cold or too dark to say goodbye to the beach just yet. 😉

For a slightly chilly day at the beach, I decided to keep my outfit casual but covered. I paired a slightly oversized white shirt with a pair of boyfriend jeggings. I threw on a printed pink and navy, kimono-style cardi, and a headband in similar colours.

I couldn’t help but dress up the look with some silver rings and a chunky ornate bangle.

Sunglasses – River Island
Shirt – India
Jeans – Internacionale
Kimono – Asda
Sandals – Spain
Bangle – Morocco

Fatima xx

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Coral and Curls


Admittedly, I have a little bit of a lace problem – if it’s lace, I NEED it in my wardrobe.

When I saw this dress whilst shopping in Spain last summer, I fell in love. While there are a tonne of lace dresses on the high street, this one stood out (quite literally) with its bright coral colour. It’s 100% cotton, so it’s really soft and breathable – perfect for the summer!

I went to watch Bend it Like Beckham at the theatre last week – which was amazing btw – and wanted to wear something classy but also comfortable. I wanted my dress to be the focus of my outfit, and so kept the rest of the ensemble quite understated, wearing a pair of black tights, a blazer and some heels. To keep the ensemble fun, I added a clashing pink necklace and an Aztec printed bag.

Dress – Suite Blanco
Blazer – Primark
Bag – New Look
Necklace – Matalan

Fatima xx

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Jumpsuit Loving

EdIMAG9022_1light1 EdIMAG9029EdIMAG9026_1straightEdIMAG9112 EdIMAG9140 EdIMAG9142

Forget the lbd, jumpsuits are winning the style stakes when it comes to versatility. I love this particular one because it’s classy yet simple, making it easy to dress up or dress down.

I went out with my cousins the other day and knew from the outset that I was going to be out all day (and into the night!) and so I wanted to wear something that’d be really comfy. The loose fitting, light-weight material made this jumpsuit perfect for the hot weather, whilst the cinched in waist and rolled up hem kept it on-trend.

I dressed up the outfit with a printed waterfall blazer, a pair of black heels – I swapped these for a pair of pumps during the day – a grey statement necklace and my favourite rings.

Jumpsuit – New Look
Blazer – New Look
Necklace – Forever 21
Heels – New Look

Fatima xx

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Orange Blossoms

101_0252ed IMAG8924ed IMAG8935_1ed IMAG8941ed 101_0269edIMAG8945ed IMAG8956ed I have been absolutely loving kimonos this summer!  They’re so pretty and effeminate and can dress up any outfit without being overly try-hard. I bought mine one size bigger because I wanted it to be really loose and floaty.

The light blue of the high-waisted jeans compliments the orange detailing in the kimono, making the ensemble playful despite its simplicity. With these bright colours forming the base of my outfit, I wanted to keep the colours in the rest of my outfit relatively muted. I opted for my favourite pair of nude heels and a matching nude clutch.

I couldn’t resist a little bling, and so added a cute little orange ring, a white statement necklace and some sunglasses, keeping them coordinated through their gold accents.

Kimono – Matalan
T-shirt – Primark
Jeans – Matalan
Heels – A boutique in Spain
Clutch – Mango
Ring – Primark
Necklace – A market in Spain
Sunglasses – River Island

Fatima xx

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