With Eid fast approaching, I thought it’d be a good time to upload a little henna inspiration!

For those who may not know, henna paste is made by crushing the leaves of the henna plant, and combining it with hot water. Many henna artists also add essential oils, or lemon juice to the mixture, as these help to create a darker stain. I usually buy ready-made henna cones (out of sheer laziness), but be wary when doing this as a lot of shops add chemicals which can be harmful.

I’ve attached pics of some of the henna I’ve done over the past several months, as I’m always playing around with henna cones. Whenever I buy a new cone, I’m sure to test it out a week or two before an event to ensure that the color and the consistency are right – these make a HUGE difference to how well the henna applies and the way it ultimately looks.

While henna has been around for centuries, and is used all over the world, the styles that are on trend tend to continually change. I love to browse Instagram to gain some insight into what’s in atm and to discover new artists.

I hope you feel inspired to experiment!

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Fatima xx