My graduation day was pretty hectic to say the least. I was up at 6:30 and ready to be out the house by 8:30 – but my family? Not so much. Long story short, we got to my ceremony just in the nick of time and it was smooth sailing from there – thank god!





The search for a dress was a MISSION. As the outfit that was to end such an important chapter of my life, I wanted something that was very me – it had to be colourful, and it had to be quite modest. It needed to have sleeves, be at least mid length, and have a high neck – which is surprisingly difficult to find! After weeks of scouring the shops, my mum decided to make one for me.

With only a week left before my graduation, we headed to Walthamstow and found this really pretty floral fabric. After two days of solid work, my dress was complete – and it was exactly what I wanted!



Piecing together the rest of my outfit was pretty straightforward. I opted for my trusty nude heels (to keep the trip-ups to a minimum), a plaited pink necklace, my watch, and an anklet. For my face, I kept everything pink-toned and glowy.




It was such a lovely day!

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Fatima xx

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