Antique Accents

I have been to – what feels like – 101 wedding events this summer, and it has been so great!

As a total romantic, it makes me happy to take part in a couple’s big day, (and all the smaller events that lead up to it) especially when it’s been my close cousins that have been getting married. Besides my hopeless romanticism, it’s also been nice having so many events to get dressed up for ;).
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I am all for bright colours and bold prints, but every now and then I think it’s nice to pare things down a little.

There’s something classic and timeless about a white sari, and this one – which actually belongs to my mum – felt like it had been calling my name for a while (sorry Mum). While white fabric can sometimes wash out warmer skin tones, what I love about this sari is that it’s more of a creamy, off-white shade, as the warmer undertone better compliments my warm-neutral skin tone.

I really liked the antique gold, cut-work border; while stone detailing often makes for a more decadent outfit, the sequins and thread work on this sari worked in a more understated way. I drew attention to the gold detailing by wearing some similarly accented, bold jewellery, which completed the look.



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Fatima xx


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