My Go-To Outfit ft Anunita

As much as I love putting together outfits and getting dressed up, there are days when I just want to throw something on and look put together – without having to tip my wardrobe upside down.

I enjoy experimenting with fashion way too much to have just one go-to outfit, so I find it handy to have a go-to formula.

Recently, I’ve found myself totally obsessed with long-line jackets – I love that they’re modest, easy to wear, and can instantly jazz up any outfit. I’ve been centering a lot of my outfits around statement jackets that are in line with my personal style, and have been combining them with quirky jeans, boxy tees, and block heels.

I’ve sourced most of my quirkier jackets while I’ve been abroad as I find this the easiest way to find unique pieces; however, I was sent this particular jacket by Anunita.

Anunita is an online brand that functions a little differently to most other companies. While they have their own curated collections, they individually create and tailor each of their pieces. If you like a particular design, you can work with them to select the material, length etc. and customise the piece!

I was so pleasantly surprised when I received the Blue Secret Blazer as it fit SO well! A lot of the time when I buy clothing from the high street, I have to have it tailored by my mum so that it fits better. But with this, I didn’t have to change anything!

As a company that really taps into the whole Indo-Western aesthetic that I’m such a fan of, I was really excited to try styling this piece! Keeping in line with the pin striped print on the blazer, I wore these quirky half-and-half frayed hem jeans, and a boxy white tee. To emphasise the ethnic vibe of the blazer, I wore an antique-style set I picked up from Morocco.

The jacket is not currently on the website, but if you’d like to order it, email and tell them you’re interested in the Blue Secret Blazer. Each piece is unique, so you won’t necessarily get the exact same fabric, but you can speak to them about how you’d like it.

Check out their collection:

Instagram – @anunitalondon | Website – www.|Email –

Outfit details:

Jacket         | Anunita

T-shirt         | Primark

Jeans          | H&M

Heels          | Primark

Jewellery | Market in Morocco

Until next time lovelies,

Fats xx

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Conquering life after uni

It has been a year and a half since I graduated, and tbh the post-grad journey has been TOUGH. Trying to figure what’s next after spending 21 years being herded through life can be a little daunting.

While everyone seems to tell you just how much uni will push you to grow, no one seems to warn you about that first year after uni. Trying to find a job, maintain a social life anddddd figure out who you are/ want to be can feel overwhelming.

While ups and downs are inevitable, here are some of the things that I’ve figured out along the way.

  1. Your journey is your own.

After graduating, I remember being plagued with a million anxieties.

“What do I do now?” “What’s everyone else doing?” “Should I be doing that too?”

It can be so easy to get caught up in expectations – your own as well as everyone else’s – but it’s so important to keep in mind that your journey is your own. So what if that super organised guy from your class has more experience than you? Or if that girl you’re Insta-crushing on has made more progress in the career that you want?

Stop comparing yourself to others and start from where you are. As my friend Afra says:

If you really want something, you have to ignore the statistics, ignore the odds that may be stacked against you and just go for it.


Aforementioned genius/ best friend

  1. You don’t have to have everything figured out

If you’re Asian you will be pretty used to having every Tom, Dick and Harijeet give you their opinion. And while it’s important to listen, you don’t have to take it all on board. During my final year of uni, I had so many people tell me to have a graduate job lined up. While I could see the sense in doing that, I honestly didn’t have time – well, didn’t make time – to do it. And on looking back, I have no regrets.

And on that note…

  1. Have a break

It’s okay to not know exactly where you want to be when you finish uni. If you finished uni, went straight into the perfect job and had everything fall perfectly into place, wouldn’t that be boring?

While it’s important to set goals and work towards them, it’s also okay to spend a little time just figuring out just what those goals are.


  1. Be really particular about what companies you do free work for

Breaking into an industry is HARD work.  Realistically, you will probably need to intern for a while, just to get your foot in the door. If this is the case, make sure you do so for a reputable company.

A lot of companies take advantage of graduates by getting as much free labour from them as possible. If you have to take on an unpaid internship, know your worth and leave when you have the experience and/ or the connections you need.

Also, ALWAYS check Glassdoor. Always.

  1. Make time for the things you love

Whether you’re searching for a job, or are currently employed, make time for your hobbies. It can be so easy to become consumed by a 9-5 job, but it’s important not to lose yourself in a daily routine.

Also, say yes to new opportunities. The best way to break out of monotony is to keep trying new things.


  1. Be kind

I feel like kindness – genuine, selfless kindness – is so underrated. If you put kindness and positivity into the world, you will attract goodness into your own life. Regardless of how things are going, try to maintain a positive outlook.

At the end of the day, people won’t remember how much money you made or what you wore, they’ll remember how you made them feel.

  1. Have faith in yourself, and have faith in God

Things won’t always go your way. But remember, if God has brought you this far, he won’t suddenly neglect you. I know how difficult it is to remain patient in the face of adversity, but just know that if you weather the storm, you’ll be in for some sunshine.

Outfit details:

Jumper | Primark

Skirt      | Designed by my Mum, sewn in India

Heels    | New Look

Bag        | Primark

Until next time lovelies,

Fats xx

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Pearls and Pinks

This lengha was *The One*. I came across a picture of it on Instagram and totally fell in love – I knew it’d be perfect for wedding season!


For those of you who don’t know, a lengha is basically a combination of a skirt, top and scarf. It’s traditionally worn at desi weddings, as an alternative to a sari or a trouser suit.


On heading to Birmingham I found the exact lengha I’d seen online, and bought it pretty much immediately! It was semi-stitched, which was great because it meant I could have it made exactly how I wanted it; the only downside was that it’d take a little more time and effort to have it put together. While I chose to wear the jacket with the net skirt, I also had a pair of matching trousers sewn as an alternative – which I can’t wait to style!

I wanted to keep my jewellery simple and classy, and so I borrowed my Mum’s pearl set and added a few rings.

I love that the Asian fashion industry caters so well to the modest market; it makes it so much easier to dress stylishly without having to bare a lot of skin. There is a classiness to modest dressing which desi clothes carry well.

I can’t wait to make the most of dressing up at the next asian occasion!


Fatima xx

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A Mermaid in Wonderland

With graduation over, the final thing that there was to look forward to was the Graduate Ball!


After spending weeks deciding whether we were going to go to the ball – as is always the case with group plans – my friends and I finally got organised. We bought our tickets about two weeks before the day – which didn’t leave me with very much time to find a dress!



The Ball was to be Alice in Wonderland themed, which had me all the more excited! For those of you who know me, it’s one of my absolutely favourite novels. I wrote a chapter of my disso on Through the Looking Glass and it felt so apt that the Ball that was inspired by something that was such an integral part of my degree. After spending a solid week trying to find a dress that would fit the theme, I scrapped the idea after I remembered a dress I’d picked up from Quiz a few months ago. I absolutely loved the fishtail shape and the sequins, and I already had a pair of matching shoes! While it didn’t entirely convey the childlike whimsy that Alice in Wonderland evokes, if anyone asks, I was channeling Time from the recent Tim Burton film.


I halal-ified the dress (made it more modest) by picking up some grey leggings to layer under it; Southall is perfect for finding leggings in pretty much any colour you need. I also wore a long-sleeved grey t-shirt under the dress to cover my arms. The dress was super blingy so I kept my accessories simple, with a stone bracelet, a velvet choker and a pair of studs.

My inner literary nerd was super happy at seeing all of the characters and themed decor – particularly the Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat! I couldn’t get a lot of good quality photos inside the venue, because the lighting wasn’t ideal, but here are some of the ones that didn’t turn out too badly.




Tip: If you’re looking for the perfect dress for your Grad Ball, make sure you pick something that’s very you. The Ball will  be the last defining event that you’ll associate with uni, and it may well be the last time you see a lot of the people that were in your year. It’s your last chance to show people who you are or what you want to be remembered as, so make the most of it!


Fatima xx

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Ruby & the Roses

So, after rushing home from my best friends’ graduation, I got changed, put on some lippie and headed straight to my bhabhi’s mehendhi! 


I opted for this indo-western dress from KBT in Birmingham. It was originally semi-stitched, but required a lot of work to get it just right. On sewing the dress it just didn’t sit right, and so my mum brought in each individual panel on the skirt, to bring in the waist without altering the overall shape.



While Asian outfits usually call for a tonne of jewellery, I pared down my accessories a little for this event. Instead of going all out, I wanted to put together a look that was classy and centred on the dress itself.




Dress – KBT
Bangles – A market in Spain
Earrings – BHS

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Fatima xx

Best Friends’ Graduation

Most of my best friends graduated together a few days after I did, and with zero intention of missing out on the day (the FOMO is real), I turned up too. Jokes aside, after having shared years of deadline induced stress, God knows how many chicken burgers, and a tonne of good memories, it was such a proud moment seeing everyone in their graduation gowns :’).


While I went for a light and bright dress for my own graduation, I wanted to change things up for my friends’ graduation. I wore this dark, berry and black jumpsuit, and opted for beaded accessories to compliment the detailing on my outfit. These heels were a MISSION to walk in, but I absolutely loved them – the things we’ll do for fashion eh?



Despite being a load of fun – and much less stressful than my own graduation day – it ended up being a super busy day! After having lunch with my friends, I headed home to change and then went straight to my cousin’s fiance’s mehendi – on the other side of London.

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Fatima xx




My graduation day was pretty hectic to say the least. I was up at 6:30 and ready to be out the house by 8:30 – but my family? Not so much. Long story short, we got to my ceremony just in the nick of time and it was smooth sailing from there – thank god!





The search for a dress was a MISSION. As the outfit that was to end such an important chapter of my life, I wanted something that was very me – it had to be colourful, and it had to be quite modest. It needed to have sleeves, be at least mid length, and have a high neck – which is surprisingly difficult to find! After weeks of scouring the shops, my mum decided to make one for me.

With only a week left before my graduation, we headed to Walthamstow and found this really pretty floral fabric. After two days of solid work, my dress was complete – and it was exactly what I wanted!



Piecing together the rest of my outfit was pretty straightforward. I opted for my trusty nude heels (to keep the trip-ups to a minimum), a plaited pink necklace, my watch, and an anklet. For my face, I kept everything pink-toned and glowy.




It was such a lovely day!

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Fatima xx

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I’m not usually one for simplicity – more is more when it comes to jazzing up an outfit. However, on first seeing this outfit, I actually really liked that the details were pared down.

While I’m totally aware the colours probably couldn’t be any bolder if the designer had tried, I like the way this loudness works with the general simplicity of the dress. The pleats give it volume and shape, and the lace sleeves make for some welcome detailing.

I wore this outfit for a semi-formal family gathering, so I kept my jewellery simple with a stone set I picked up in Spain. I love finding quirky jewellery in markets as they’re really unique, and they let me bring a little individuality to everything I wear.

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Fatima xx

Bejeweled Jacket



Lately, I really love jackets on Asian outfits – they’re super flattering and seem to exude class. It was love at first sight when I came across this outfit in a little store on Ilford Lane!

While I’m not usually drawn to green, I thought this pale shade worked so well with the bright pink. I loved the champagne thread work and stone details on the jacket, and the contrast between it and the more simple kameez (top).

Like all love stories, this one needed a little work. Most Asian outfits will always need a little tailoring – they tend to come in a smaller variety of sizes and so the fit will rarely be perfect. I had the kameez brought in at the waist, so that it would sit more flatteringly.

It was my cousin’s mehendi so I wanted to go all out on the sparkle! What I love about champagne details is that you can get away with breaking the rules and wearing both gold and silver simultaneously – granted, both these colours work best on the muted side. I wore a pink stone set, with matching bangles and some gold rings. I finished off the outfit with a beaded silver clutch and some glittery, champagne-toned heels.


P.s. I included some unedited pictures of my makeup because I’ve been playing around with the Morphe 35O palette and I absolutely LOVE it!



Outfit – Style Mantra
Heels – New Look

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Fatima xx

Antique Accents

I have been to – what feels like – 101 wedding events this summer, and it has been so great!

As a total romantic, it makes me happy to take part in a couple’s big day, (and all the smaller events that lead up to it) especially when it’s been my close cousins that have been getting married. Besides my hopeless romanticism, it’s also been nice having so many events to get dressed up for ;).
imag9849ed imag9853ed

I am all for bright colours and bold prints, but every now and then I think it’s nice to pare things down a little.

There’s something classic and timeless about a white sari, and this one – which actually belongs to my mum – felt like it had been calling my name for a while (sorry Mum). While white fabric can sometimes wash out warmer skin tones, what I love about this sari is that it’s more of a creamy, off-white shade, as the warmer undertone better compliments my warm-neutral skin tone.

I really liked the antique gold, cut-work border; while stone detailing often makes for a more decadent outfit, the sequins and thread work on this sari worked in a more understated way. I drew attention to the gold detailing by wearing some similarly accented, bold jewellery, which completed the look.



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Fatima xx